It is time for me to give back to the world of football everything it gave me. 

 Luís Figo

Candidate for the President of FIFA

My Pledge

  • Football has given me so much in my life and I now want to give something back to the game that has shaped me so deeply...

    Throughout my career I have worked at all levels of the game. This has given me a unique insight and understanding that I feel can enhance the discussion about the future of FIFA and the future of Football.

  • I grew up in a working class district of Lisbon playing on the streets and my life changed forever through the power of Football.

    Because of my upbringing and the time during and after my playing career, I cherish the fact that I am my own man. I don't owe anything to anybody. Therefore I can serve as FIFA President exclusively in the interest of football and its future.

  • I was very lucky and extremely fortunate to have the chance to play and get training from a very young age.

    Unfortunately, this opportunity does not exist for most children in the world and addressing this crucial issue would be a key focus for me if elected FIFA President.

    My Manifesto, which has been developed after talking with and seeking the views of many in the football family, has a clear vision and detailed policy ideas. One of the consistent themes fed back to me as I prepared this Manifesto was the way in which FIFA currently distributes revenues to its Member Associations is very inefficient and ineffective – especially for developing football across all Associations.

  • That is why one of my core recommendations is that 50% of FIFA's revenues - $2.5 billion - should be distributed directly to the National Associations over 4 years to help fund grassroots football across the world

    If done in the right way, with a clearly defined strategy that is centrally audited and monitored, this investment will radically enhance football opportunities for boys and girls and directly benefit all of FIFA's 209 Member Associations.

  • In recent weeks, months and even years, I have seen the image of FIFA deteriorate and as I speak to many people in Football – players, managers and Association Presidents – so many of those people have told me that something has to be done.

    In my Manifesto I have outlined, clearly, how I would help to restore FIFA's credibility and rebuild trust in it. This will not be a simple and quick fix. It requires fundamental changes.

  • There is far too much at stake to sit on the side lines and refuse to act - that is not the man I am.

    I urge you all to join me in ensuring a new style of leadership at FIFA, one that places global Football at the heart of everything it does and stands for.


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Manifesto here (PDF) 

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Luís Figo

I am a man of football,
inside and out...

  1. Name
    Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo


    Marital Status
    Married, 3 Children

  2. Date of birth
    4 November 1972

    Portuguese (native speaker),
    Spanish, Italian and English

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    Luís Figo's candidacy is a great step forward for football. His career over many years grants a better future for FIFA.

    I believe in his character and determination, as well as his passion for the game. He will be a President focused on football and its general improvement, acting closely with all Federations.

    Jose Mourinho

    A player with Luís Figo's history and past in football, full of glories and recognition, can only be good for football! His candidacy is great news! I am sure he will contribute to the discussion with new and good ideas which will improve football. I'm with him!


    I have spoken to Luís and as former players we have a responsibility to look after the game we all love so much. Luís wants to give back to the game and the fans that have supported him throughout his career. Luís is a very serious candidate for the FIFA Presidency and I wish him all the best for his challenge.

    Patrick Vieira

    We have to go back to the origins of football. We have to put the game first. Luís Figo has all the qualities and the sensibility needed to change FIFA for the better. A renovation is needed and Luís can do it!

    Roberto Carlos

    Figo's candidacy is an opportunity for the change of FIFA. I know him personally and I know that this is a conscient decision based on the need of giving a new direction to an institution that suffered extensive damage in the past years.

    Ronald Koeman

    I know Luís Figo well enough to say that he's totally capable of doing a great job as FIFA President. He's a talented, competent, dedicated and honest man wanting to bring back some essential values to footballs governing body. And we all know how badly FIFA needs that positive change. I fully support his candidacy and hope that the federations will vote for him as the best candidate to lead FIFA in the near future.

    Steve McManaman

    Someone so passionate for football like Luís Figo will be a great president for FIFA. He has my support and I hope he can achieve his objectives. His win would be great news for football.

    Hidetoshi Nakata

    I am happy to support Luís Figo's FIFA Presidential election campaign. Luís has great integrity as a person and has highlighted the needs for transparency at all levels of football across the globe. We want football to be unified and Luís can help achieve this.

    Dwight Yorke


Luís Figo gives support to the idea of a FIFA Presidential debate 02.03.15

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Luis Figo welcomes Qatar 2022 recommendation 24.02.15

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Luís Figo Launches FIFA Presidential Campaign Manifesto "For Football" 18.02.15

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Luís Figo to run for FIFA Presidency 28.01.15

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 I want to restore the credibility and the image of FIFA with a real change in leadership.